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What can I say? I'm not going to go all Rolling Stone Magazine witty and come up with all sorts of jargon to review Sacred Dominion's new release, "The Inside". Nope. My reviewconsists of three things. One. Is it good, or not? Two. Good enough to purchase? Three. Good enough to purchase album, a t-shirt, AND do your best to catch them live? Hmmm. Ok.

One. Oh yeah it is! It's better than good. It's excellent. It's hard not to compare newer bands with older bands of the same genre, but I'll say this-Fans of Fates Warning, old school Queensryche, UFO, yes, I said UFO, and Iron Maiden should scoop this up. Some of the choruses are Maidenlike, the melodies are strong and hummable (very, very important, in my book). The tunes stick in your brain, and I won't break down every track, either. This is a whole listen. You're a Nimrod if you skip over any of the tracks. The production is awesome, and the gents can freakin' play their instruments. The vocals are spot on. SPOT ON. So, it's good. Ha!

Two. PURCHASE, especially the physical copy. Liner notes AND lyrics. Yep.

Three. Get a t-shirt! Go see them live! Become a groupie!

Review from Julian Palemba - Germany 8/10

The translated version.

Band: Sacred Dominion

Album: Come to the Inside

Running time:? min

Record Label: Self-production

Release: 2012

Website: / sacreddominion

Sometimes one of the good things are unexpected. The founder of the American SACRED DOMINION Danny Corso wrote to us one day, and asked if we would be interested to discuss her debut album, "Come to the Inside." Not an issue! We do indeed give unknown bands a chance. A short time and promised they sent very extensive promotional package that made its way across the pond. The boys’ are self-promoted and still have a whole design and package that is really very professional.

There is not much on the net about the guys, so I can only tell you that they are from Pittsburgh and all the musicians coming from different musical genres. You can hear that the disc, in my opinion, also. Because you can hear a bit of QUEENSRYCHE, DREAM THEATER, IRON MAIDEN, DIO, comes from the sound of five guys that includes Mario Brescia (vocals), Daniel Corso (guitar), Benjamin J Chiarini (bass), Jeffrey Anzelone (drums), Dave Watson (keyboard).

So then we look at what we hear from the first track, the title track "The Inside" soothes to the ears. Fine heavy metal beats with Progressive elements to meet us here. Somewhere in the intersection between QUEENSRYCHE and DIO I would say. The opener is the perfect number, successful melodies that are different and nice, the chorus fits great and the vocals of Mario is good. Class opener and title track!

With "Closer," it continues. This time a little faster than its predecessor, but otherwise does not change much in the line of march. Ordinary melodies alternate with the successful chorus and you have a successful metal song!

In the middle of the album, we have then the thought-provoking "Time to Sail" and the melodic "Somewhere", which keep us well entertained and join us nicely in the last part of the disk. Especially in the latter track, the chorus is again an absolute treat for the ears and the number almost consumes the ear canals.

The same could be said for the subsequent "Losing Ground", although here the variety and the different rhythms clearly predominate. A beautiful number that represents the diversity of the band to the test.

The last two tracks "Open Minds" and "Dessert to Dust" are both fine, even if not quite, the quality of the previous tracks, they still can keep up with the first numbers. Nevertheless, a nice ending for this successful debut album.

Playing tips:

The debut album by SACRED DOMINION has some strong tracks. The Title Track, "The Inside," "Closer," "Somewhere" and "Losing Ground" to include in any case.


I'm really glad to be able to live out my dream at Rock Garage or I otherwise would have missed the great debut disc of SACRED DOMINION well and it would have been damn shame!

That the disc was completely taken in-house and produced, you realize it does not. Also in the promotion and presentation of themselves, other known bands cut a thick slice.

Now I hope that the guys get hold of a decent record deal, they deserve it for sure! Perhaps even snaps to a German label, who knows ....

In any case, the debut album is absolutely a success, of course, the sky is the limit, but that's also obvious.

Fans of the heavy metal / rock sound with progressive influences should definitely not miss this disc and work!

Vaskarc Webzine in Hungary - FeherBalazs - CD Review of The Inside 8.5 / 10

A few weeks ago, offered me the American Sacred Dominion last year, The Inside by baptizing album, saying that very little material in the old Fates Warning / Queensrychetájékáról, and although I do not say that headlong, cock-a priest leaving I got him into rollover to 2004 Pennsylvania was founded guys drive, but it was later that I think is very worth it to get to know, even if it is not necessarily said to be fresh and up to date, these eight songs, but this old-fashioned progressive heavy metal just like that. Actually, his critique of the completion of the circumstances of my part is a little Irregular because reverbNation Series page has never touched this particular subject, but the band has allowed a limited time free access to the material stream. Well, the winds of modern times, which seems forced to adapt to the track each team's court. Neither criticism, writer, musician, not a fan of any situation. Once a publisher offered me anyway, that nézelődjekblogspot and youtube pages (!) After download the publications order find on those things anyway. This shit was written to read it, you could say shocked, but it looks like it has begun to overcome the apathy of the metallic industry.

It is unlikely otherwise to the Sacred Dominion, to a very interesting stories to bind sight so fazonokról is (who is certainly quite Italianate ringing in their name), who simply do the job, it's definitely a hobby, yet professional manner and professional attitude. Biography or something wordy, but something incredible amount of party pressed, they generally do not share the names of the small stage - late last year, the Circle to Circle-lel, with Ace Frehley and Mr. Big / and Whitesnake, Dream Theater / Triviumkettősökkel played together, and this year is not less than one names were scheduled for action in our new Adrenaline Mobb, with the Iced Earth and Symphony X - is an up and coming band to higher niveau names are hardly needed. If only this information, we believe that the Sacred Dominion-handed non-timber company, has a minimum on the right track! In The Inside and Closer in fact is just a taste of offers, because it pretty good songs, only then lined up mainly of Memento Mori and Losing Ground in person, but have been here can hear those notes, which are representative of the Sacred Dominion world; Agyrobbantó classic heavy -power riffs with some modern devastations, Mario Brescia fülhártyarepesztő screams of the basic state of Geoff Tate from alike vocals, and the introduction of these two base band's musical legacy, going back mainly Queensryche two rock / metal of historical importance, and unquestionably brilliant pieces, like the Empire and the Promised Land, with their dark and gloomy world.

And what he could add to the Sacred Dominion? The good songs, what makes people familiar phrases and song structures are also very welcome, and although the analogy is something like a long time ago said Supervisor poem, once the people had to help up to be just a series of five could not be ... But maybe it's the least amount of trouble, as the productions in other respects it connected can not be, as an interesting and clever classical piano appearance in the songs, incredible agile and develop were the guitar solos, some inexplicable hesitations terms of pleasure to listen to Mario Brescia, and even the szikárabb, guitar-driven songs as a counterbalance to the presence of epic, progressive compositions are well. The Memento Mori - Somewhere - Losing Ground in Threesomes at any public place, but it really is all that man is an old-fashioned heavy metal music resting on the wait-just ask! These songs are just as what exactly the Promised Land Queensryche since he could not write!

It is always a difficult question, but what is that such a small addition to appearances such as The Inside, but this has failed to answer for myself. One thing is certain, that some part of a degree of aversion is present in the deep undeground music direction, which in itself is szimpatikussá can take me to these bands, in addition to being as important to the small minimal media to provide them what else you are not sure that they receive. Of course, this is pretty weak by itself would megideologizálása of things, because the underlying performance is still counts, even a little respect összeszedetlen, Sacred Dominion bit disheveled, but still very good music on the cover of The Inside, in spite of small errors. They can write very good songs, but a good basic, the skeleton was ....let's say that even if they are not necessarily the individual from ideas abound. Therefore, given that over the past year has been on stage with whom the Sacred Dominion - not accidentally - based on the well a little closer, put them in the typical American band compared to the third line ... somewhere around the Suspyre! Eternal hobby of sewing machines; Well, one thing is quite certain that the tax itself is interfering with publishers without thinking back to this figure into the "graphic workshop," where it is made of the horror. Fortunately, this scene is not threatened by ... Sacred Dominionékat

Sacred Dominion CD Review from Chile

We used Google Translate to read it. Thank you much Miguel Ramirez and Mundo Rock for the review.

Here is the translation of that review. Review Date: June 2012

DOMINION SACRED "The Inside" - Independent - 2012

Some time ago we contacted the band native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who kindly allowed us to learn more in detail a race apparently comes slowly up through the roof within the strata under the American melodic metal. To this point comes the matter with this debut album independently released last year and had the opportunity to share the stage with some major names in the scene Anglo-American rock and metal, including none other than the popular Whitesnake, Mr. Big, Ace Frehley, The BulletBoys and this year no less than Iced Earth, among others. The curiosity grew until finally we had the pleasure of listening in detail this work that after a couple of tracks without difficulty you can leave on the same shelf where you store your CDs from bands like Dream Theater a very first, Queensryche, Sanctuary or those gathered Lethal, all bands are pigeonholed squarely within the progressive metal variant, adding many shares rock and tasteful arranger, vocalist and a most dramatic and convincing in the person of Mario Brescia, after listening to a guy who reminded me a lot of the young Geoff Tate of those first plates as "The Warning".

Of course the Dominion Sacred music is not that the masses of those recognized as a masterpiece of the genre from the first second, but yes the class and elegance of their guitarist Daniel Corso and simple atmospheres of keyboardist Dave Watson will not unnoticed by the ear that is not content with just first impressions. Sacred Dominion straight it should give you a few passes to get to appreciate their intentions in all its glory, after which you can not resist the charm of his compositions. When you start this work in the track "The Inside" gradually enveloping guitars and jerky rhythms of Corso and the melodious voice of Brescia make you understand that things will to cherish this work as something more than the simple heap.

Much more hard rock especially in chorus becomes the next "Closer", a cut that has a much more old school feeling, just that kind of tunes you might have expected from bands like Lethal Sanctuary or in its golden days eighties in full. Meanwhile, in the third topic "Memento Mori" all started with a few riffs that they seem to have a much more heavy in classical plan, indeed to the same Brescia is heard more acute than in the previous tracks accompaniment of a melodies that come and go in intensity, with a brief but effective central section alone.

But the rest of the instrumental certainly not doing anything wrong, and thus at least what you see on a track like "Time To Sail" which highlights the person of bassist Benjamin J. Chiarini who is responsible for driving much of this with a calm section from the four strings, in a court Brescia masterfully leads to a more baladesco and the guitars play their role while continuing to deliver the necessary intensity this great song.

With "Somewhere" entered the second half of the album and here again we are faced with an issue of hard progressive melodies, like the first Queensryche, with touching moments and vocal melodies Brescia quite worked in composition, without going into the deep and the technique of ultra flown most of the most popular bands of the genre, but rather to sound quite right without both organic and tessitura, fair and accurate for these people to achieve its mission and convince those who like more than one progressive complex but without unnecessary frills that end up exhausted. In the same way the next "Losing Ground" may even sound like the best-known Queensryche was "Operation: Mindcrime" in both vocally and in terms of their Ganchero central verses and choruses. Then after a rather sentimental ballad "Open Minds" closed with a much more progressive and forward progressive sound of a Dream Theater complex in "Deser to Dust" in which all those tangled roots of rock progg of 70 / 80s is felt strongly in a dynamic and shifting track that puts an end to eight tracks in which we said is better than beating heard and still enjoy a band that has qualities and merits the places galore to get advanced within the current progg heavy scene. More info and details and in

NOTE: 8.5 / 10

Saturday May 12th 2012

A Drusky Entertainment Event at

The Altar Bar in Pittsburgh

Adrenaline Mob with Sacred Dominion and Xander Demos

Tickets are $18 in advance $20 at the door.

$15 from Sacred Dominion

No Service Fee tickets

We are absolutely excited about sharing the stage with the Super Group cast of Adrenaline Mob as the tour in support of their new album. We also get to share the stage again with good friends in Xander Demos. This should be a night of great music and great friends. Don't miss it!

Sacred Dominion was formed back in 2004 when Danny Corso and Mario Brescia attended and performed at an open-stageevent called Bandanarama hosted by Jeff Danner. To this day we credit Jeff Danner with helping to form Sacred Dominion as it was there at that event where we found drummer Jeff Anzelone.

Due to family engagement, keyboardist Dave Watson was unable to play the Adrenaline Mob show so it all came full circle so-to-speak when Jeff Danner sat in on keyboards. Thank you for very much Jeff, that was awesome!


Left to Right

Jeff Danner, Jeff Anzelone, Mario Brescia, Benjamin Chiarini Daniel Corso.

Left to right

Daniel Corso, Benjamin Chiarini, Mario Brescia, Jeff Danner Jeff Anzelone.

March 15th 2012

Thank you to everybody who came out and supported

Sacred Dominion. Your fan support and over-whelming response was incredible and humbling to all of us. We appreciate it greatly!

Special thanks go out to Cyndi Roach for her help and photography,

Troy Tafel - Drum tech

Todd Alper- Guitar Tech

Dave Andrews - Crew

Terry J Kissel - photography and crew

Michele McTaggert, Zayne Berkey, Sebastian Alper for all the help with the merchandise. Drusky Entertainment for all the opportunities, and most of all, all of you who came out to see us, Warbringer and Iced Earth. We appreciate it greatly. Can't wait to see you all again soon.

Sunday March 4th 2012

We had a blast with Doc Rock doing Metal Shop 101. Thank you to all who tuned in and signed into the chat room. We'll do it again soon!

Tune into Hard Rock Radio Live at 6pm Sunday nights to hear interviews by Doc Rock on MetalShop101 to hear and request your favorite songs! Great show!

Sacred Dominion News

January 2012

Iron City Rocks 2011 Music Awards

Sacred Dominion is humbled and honored to announce that the band has won the following awards in the 2011 Iron City Rocks Music Awards

BEST ALBUM- The Inside


Best Bass Player - Ben Chiarini

Best Drummer - Jeff Anzelone

Best Singer - Mario Brescia

Best Keyboard Player - Dave Watson

Best Rock Band

Best Progresssive

Best Metal Band

Visit Iron City Rocks and support local music and check out the Award podcast.

We'd like to thank all the people at Iron City Rocks and all of you for your support. We appreciate it greatly.

We'd also like to thank Drusky Entertainment for their help this year. With out their help and opportunities we would not have had the year we had. Thank you very much. And again, thank you to all of you!!! .... from All Of US!

December Announcement -

Thursday March 15th 2012

A Drusky Entertainment Event

ICED EARTH brings their legendary anthology of melodic metal to The Altar Bar in Pittsburgh Thursday March 15th 2012 along with Warbringer and Sacred Dominion.



Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door.

Click here for tickets.

January 2012

We are currently writing new material for the next record and story boarding, organizing and pre-production for a couple of Sacred Dominion videos.

October 2011

Sacred Dominion is taking some time off after a tremendous year of shows to write new music, work on promoting the band in other avenues as well as taking care of our families who we appreciate greatly for their sacrifice

September 27th 2011

A Drusky Entertainment Event

Ripper Owens and The Dio Disciples With Special Guest Sacred Dominion and Dethlehem and Xander Demos

This was an absolutely incredible show. Thank you all for your support. We sold out of CD's and got to enjoy friends of the late Ronnie James Dio perform many of his legendary hits. Just a great night to be a part of. Thank you all!

August 16th 2011


Sacred Dominion opens for Whitesnake and Mr Big, Tuesday August 16th 2011 at the Trib Total Media Amphitheatre at Station Square.

Doors -5:30

Sacred Dominion goes on at 5:30 - 6:50.

We will be playing an extended set that night so come out early and here a few old favorites that we don't get to play very often and are dusting the rust off of for Whitesnake and Mr Big. Tailgate inside the Amphitheater with us!

Thanks to Drusky Entertainment and a last minute pitch of support, we were playing the mainstage this night with Whitesnake and Mr Big. We certainly can't thank them enough.Also and again, we'd like to thank all of you who came out to support us and pull for us to be on the mainstage that evening. Doc Rock thank you for your petitions from MetalShop101.

Also a special thanks to a great old, John Tedeski, for the photography. That was awesome that you were there man!

June 17th 2011

Sacred Dominion opens for

Ace Frehley

Friday June 17th 2011

at the Trib Total Media Amphitheater

at Station Square in Pittsburgh

A Drusky Entertainment Event.


"We played the 2nd stage that evening to a packed house and went on right before Ace Frehley. 15 seconds after the end of "The Inside" Frehley took the stage. We heard the question all night, "who are you guys?" and "where are you from?" and "why weren't you on the mainstage?” All incredible compliments and we thank you all for listening and your support. That was a great summer night without a doubt!

April 1st 2011

Sacred Dominion opens for the Bullet Boys

FRIDAY APRIL 1st at The Hard Rock Cafe

The BulletBoys and Sacred Dominion

MarqTorian and his band The BulletBoys invaded the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh Friday April 1st 2011 along with Sacred Dominion for a night of hard rock meets prog rock with hooks. The BulletBoys did not dissapoint and screamed through a set of classics including "THC Groove", "Talk to Your Daughter" and "Smooth Up", and new material from their recent "10c Billionare" record that includes the smashing melodic song "Road To Nowhere".

Sacred Dominion delivered a blistering set following up their CD debut the previous week when they opened for Zak Stevens' Circle II Circle. They opened with "The Real World", a powerful new song and followed up with crowd favorites "Losing Ground", "Closer" and closed with the title track of their new CD, "The Inside" that ended with chants for encore. (That the band politely declined due to time contraints but graciously appreciates and says "thank you" again!)

4-1-11. The BulletBoys show. It's has certainly seemed like CD release week here in The Dominion. The Hard Rock Cafe and Drusky Entertainment brought in The Bulletboys to Pittsburgh for another SD pre-release party that absolutely crushed! The turn-out and the fan support was incredible and we look forward to seeing you all again soon. Thank you to Drusky Entertainment, The BulletBoys and all of you who came out in support of Sacred Dominion, Descendsion from WV and the BulletBoys. And to and Doc Rock at Metalshop101 for all the support everytime. Tune in there every Sunday night at 6pm.

4-3-11 A by-product of playing the show with the BulletBoys resulted in a genuine night of a musicians brotherhood. An incredible compliment a few days later that we certainly appreciate and enjoy is this photo from Ripper Owens' Tap Room in Akron Ohio. Nobody knows how he got this shirt but he did. MarqTorian wearing a Sacred Dominion shirt during a show in Ohio!! Curtesy of Reuben Kincaid.

March 25th 2011

The Circle II Circle show. Tonight marked the first night the new Sacred Dominion cd was on sale. No better way and no better night than to do that than opening for Zak Stevens and his band Circle II Circle. Thank you all for your support and making this show an incredible success for everybody! The place was packed! The people and fan response was incredible and we thank you all again for taking the time to listen! We appreciate it greatly!

It was also an incredible night for the local bands and that brotherhood and it was a pleasure to share the stage with Devils Messiah and River Runs Scarlet.

Thank you again to Grims Roadhouse, the hospitality there is second to none! Thank you to Donnie Lawless Entertainment for having us! Tix Tom! And Infernal Rock Radio and Metal Shop 101 for your support and help as well as having us!

March 23rd 2011

The new Sacred Dominion - The Inside cd just showed up at the door. What you now hear online are the Chris Graham masters. The new SD cd will be onsale Friday for the first time at the Circle II Circle show. CD's will be available online soon and in select local record stores.

This CD is a "Limited Edition - First Run" Cd in that being it is not authored. Meaning titles are not inserted in the files and a few other things. Those are the nuances we'll take care of on the second run. We just needed to have music for all of you showing up at the Circle II Circle and BulletBoys shows. There will be no difference in sound quality on the second run. Just titles and artwork will appear all over the internet when you plug it into ITunes and the like.

September 10th, 2010

Thank you to everybody that came out to the Altar Bar Friday night. We hope to see you all again soon. That was with out a doubt a great time playing to a nice crowd and sharing a stage with great friends and musicians.

October 8th 2010

It's always a great show when two bands loaded with great Italians get together - Zilch and Sacred Dominion!

And you add the boys from ChapterXII in and you have absolute organized chaos and a great time!

Thank you to the Zilch boys again for having us and thank you all for coming out and making the show a success and taking the time to listen. We appreciate it greatly!


Sacred Dominion Show Schedule

DateTimeLocationLine Up
9-12-12tbaAltar Bar: 1620 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15222Symphony X with Sacred Dominion
7-27-1210pmHard Rock Café Station Square Pittsburgh, PASacred Dominion, Homocide Black
5-12-125:30 doors, 6:30 showAltar Bar: 1620 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15222Adrenaline Mob w/ Sacred Dominion No Service Fee Tickets
3-15-128pmAltar Bar: 1620 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15222Warbringer and Sacred Dominion
10-4-117pmTrib Total Media Amphitheater at Station Square Dream TheaterTrivium and Sacred Dominion. (SD plays the 2nd stage)
9-27-117:30pmAltar Bar: 1620 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15222The Dio Disciples featuring Ripper Owens, Rudy Sarzo and more. With Special Guest Sacred Dominion and Dethlehem and Xander Demos
8-16-117:00pmTrib Total Media Amphitheater at Station Square PittsburghWhitesnake with Mr Big and Sacred Dominion
6-17-115:00pm (SD plays the 2nd stage at 8:30. Ace Frehley at 9:pm)Trib Total Media Amphitheater at Station Square PittsburghAce Frehley With Sacred Dominion and more at Ribs On The River 3.
4-1-1110:00pmHard Rock Café Station Square Pittsburgh PaThe BulletBoys with special guest Sacred Dominion
3-25-117:30 pmGrims Roadhouse 390 Lincoln Hwy Rt 30 Imperial PA 15126Circle to Circle featuring Zak Stevens from Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. With special guest Sacred Dominion