As hard as it is to find quality material in the pool of music promotions that we indulge ourselves each and every day, generally diamonds in the rough are hard to find simply because of the amount of music that falls short, but in certain instances you come across bands like the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s own Progressive Metal outfit Sacred Dominion and then it validates all those hours spent listening to music everyday and trying to translate those sounds to paper or in our case our online magazine Myglobalmind.


Sacred Dominions'

"The Inside" is album of the week for the the week of Sept 17th -23rd.

...By comparison they could be a hybrid of Queensryche (early), Iron Maiden, and Fate's Warning. Anybody who loves those bands will dig Sacred Dominion's sound. The real challenge here is to decide what makes The Inside sound so good.

4.5 / 5

"Sacred Dominion maybe the best metal you haven't listened to yet."

Patrick Hickey - Review Fix


Review of "The Inside" by Peter Pardo

Excerpt - August 17 2012

...Sacred Dominion deliver this stunner of an album, The Inside, that just drips classic Queensryche. It's not an out and out clone job by any means, but The Inside features the Tate influenced vocals of Mario Brescia, lots of power &prog metal arrangements, and tunes that are instantly memorable.

The Inside is easily one of the big surprises of 2012, and if you are a fan of melodic progressive & power metal, you'll definitely want to check this one out. My guess is we'll be hearing much more from Sacred Dominion in the months and years to come


Review from Jesse De Los Cuervos

Hard Rock Radio Live.


The production is awesome, and the gents can freakin' play their instruments. The vocals are spot on. SPOT ON. So yeah...um, it's good. Ha!


Review from Germany! Julian Palemba

excerpts ...

"The opener is the perfect number, successful melodies that are different and nice, the chorus fits perfectly and the vocals of Mario are great. Class opener and title track.

..."you can hear a bit of Queensryche, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and Dio coming from the sound of these five guys that include Mario Brescia ( vocals) Daniel Corso ( guitars) Benjamin J Chiarini, (bass) Jeffrey Anzelone (drums) and Dave Watson ( keyboards)

... " In any case, their debut album is an absolute success and of course the sky is the limit, but that's also obvious."

Fans of the heavy metal/rock sound with progressive influences should definitely not miss this disc and work!"

A CD Review from Vaskarc webzine in Hungary

We used Google Translate to read this and post if for you to read. Click here to read tranlated version.

Here is an excerpt from that review. 8.5/10

  .... The Memento Mori - Somewhere - Losing Ground in Threesomes at any public place, but it really is all that man is an old-fashioned heavy metal music resting on the wait-just ask! These songs are just as what exactly the Promised Land Queensryche since he could not write!


CD Review from Chile here

We used google translate to read it. It's an awesome thing to have your music being listened to in another country and part of the world. Thank you Miguel Ramirez. Check out and visit Mundo-Rock. and here is the review in another language. REVIEW.

Our Google Translation of the review.

Excerpts from Mundo-Rock Review.

..."The curiosity grew until finally we had the pleasure of listening in detail this work that after a couple of tracks without difficulty you can leave on the same shelf where you store your CDs from bands like Dream Theater a very first, Queensryche, Sanctuary or those gathered Lethal, all bands are pigeonholed squarely within the progressive metal variant, adding many shares rock and tasteful arranger, vocalist and a most dramatic and convincing in the person of Mario Brescia, after listening to a guy who reminded me a lot of the young Geoff Tate of those first plates as "The Warning".

NOTE: 8.5 / 10

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Sacred Dominion was honored to be a participant in the 2011 ICR Music Awards and were flattered and honored to win multiple awards including Best Album, "The Inside", Best New Song - "Closer".